Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party All the Time

I was just sitting here thinking about all we did today and all that's yet to come. And then I started yawning because it makes me tired.

Playette had her trick-or-treating walk around with a bag and get snacks deposited therein "Spirit Day" equivalent today at preschool, followed by a costume parade at daycare this afternoon. We have SO MUCH CRAP in the house now. With even more to come. And I've been eating it. Along with copious amounts of pumpkin bread that I made today. But I still want more candy. I am weak.

Anyway. So tomorrow there's a party in the military housing community center. Those are usually good, so we'll go. We skipped the party in the other military neighborhood today. I just didn't have it in me to run from one end of town to the other.

We did end up stopping by the Navy Lodge though. They had a 40th Anniversary celebration that included cake, a bounce house, cake, cookies, hot dogs, cake, pumpkins, cotton candy, nachos, and cake.

Honestly? I didn't have any cake.

But I really wanted some.

Can you tell?

So I came home and stuffed my face with pumpkin bread again some more.



After the early afternoon party tomorrow, our neighbors on the next street are hosting a huge shindig for the kiddos. We'll go there, too. I mean, how can we not? They know how to throw a party. It lasts until "until" so you know it's gotta be good.

Sunday sounds like a nice day to sleep, doesn't it? Trick-or-treating is still kinda up in the air.


The house is quiet so I started clicking around on the computer and came across some pictures of my Playette-ita. She was sooo teensy. I used to say that I could put her in my pocket. Cuteness, y'all.

I keep forgetting that I didn't blog that first year.

That was either the best or the worst decision. It's hard to say.

But what that means without question is that you missed out on Little Miss Pudge. And the clip on bows!

Wanna see?

Be thankful that my desktop is still out of commission. That's the one that has allll the pics on it and I'm sure that if I had access to the stash, you'd be inundated with Playette-ita images right about now.

I'm pretty sure all this nostalgia of late is due to a family member having a baby the other day. It just made me think back and realize how fast it all went. I mean, I remember when the new mama was Playette's age and it just seems so...whew. Like, really? How?

First Two Halloweens

Last Year

Today at breakfast:


Lacia said...

How cute is she!!! I totally miss the baby days. I wish I didn't waste so many of the early days and months having my stupid pity party.

And can I add that she's got a killer smile! LOVE IT!

Molly said...

Awwww, she was so tiny!!

Oh and the nemo costume? Too cute for words.