Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm tired just thinking about it.

Tomorrow begins the whirlwind of Halloween/Harvesty Goodness Pandemonium 2010.

Playette's preschool class is going to the pumpkin patch in the morning (my first field trip as a mom!) and then there are parties and parades and requests to wear costumes for the next several days.

And then there's Sunday. I figure that Playette is now old enough to start learning about the age old tradition of begging trick-or-treating, so we'll give that a try, too.

(If you watch the show Parenthood, maybe you'll remember the scene where they tried to teach Max about trick-or-treating. I had to laugh at that. I'm sure that if Playette could articulate it as well, she'd have a similar reaction.)

Oh, and her costume? Welll, I kinda lost momentum in that department. I'd see things I'd like and then they wouldn't have her size or were sold out or wouldn't get here in time, so we're going more abstract this year. No definitive character or concept. Unless you count glittery, tutu'd, winged, tiara'd 3-year-old as one of those.

If we make it to Monday in one piece, I'll count it all a success.


Wendy P said...

Sounds like a fairy princess costume to me! Y'all have fun.