Monday, October 11, 2010

Golden Feedback


You peeps are smart. Thank you!

Today, after we got "our" run in (pushing a stroller? hard work.), Playette and I went to the beach with a friend for a bit and then hit up Targé Boutique.

My one and only goal for this trip was to find a kid-sized electric toothbrush. I had no idea how many options there would be and, thus, I was overwhelmed.

The Diz princess looked awful. Like, twelve rounds of awful. I think she was supposed to be Cinderella. I considered the crayon for a second, but then there was also the one that came with stickers so that you could design it yourself. As I was debating the necessity of that project and whether or not it would turn into something that would make twitch...Oh! There's some more that came with extra stuff. Like toothpaste. Then there was a Thomas one that I liked, but Playette has no idea who that is. Still, I like trains. I hate that there's so much girl/boy stuff. Why not just kid stuff?

And then I saw her. We've never watched an episode, but somehow Playette knows who she is. Could it be just because she's on some of her pull-ups? Could be. No matter. The fact that she would recognize this character suddenly seemed of great importance to my cause.

So I grabbed her.

And then I checked to see if she came with batteries.

'Cause if she didn't, she was going back on the shelf.

She was properly equipped.


I dubbed her "New Dora."

I tried to make this an adventure, y'all.

I even let Playette ride in the cart-cart and not the actual seat because everything that has to do with brushing your teeth is dangerous fun!

I took a little bit of video of our experience tonight with New Dora, but if you've been reading here a while, you know that I suck at video uploads. This time is no different. I'll keep working on it and hopefully have something to share tomorrow.


Cate said...

Abby learned who Dora is from the therapists at school who kept pushing the stickers on her. We were happily clueless before. Now she knows about the show and we even watch it sometimes. Which is torture. Backpack, backpack!