Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Adventures of New Dora, etc.

Since last night, when these videos were made, we've had continued success with New Dora. So far, there have been two nighttime brushes and one morning.

I'm shocked. Happily shocked, I tell you.

1. That things are going so well. Is this a trick? When will she turn on me?

2. That I've said it "out loud" because now I've probably jinxed it and she'll turn on me in the morning.

3. That I'm even writing about this at all. Three posts in a row about the brushing of teeny teeth? Eh, I guess this is my life now and I just need to accept it.

There is one line in there that makes me snort every time I've watched it.

Because I am 12.

Oh! Since I'm on a question-asking roll here, has anyone else experienced the noise Playette is making in the second video, starting at about one minute in?


She started doing it a few weeks ago. I have no idea what it is or why. Is it a phase? Does it just feel good? Does it need to be addressed by a professional? If so, Pediatrician or (if we had one, which we currently do not, grr) ST?

I know that she's quite fond of the sound that the letter X makes. I wonder if she's just duplicating that feeling?

Anyway. If you've heard that or have tips, please let me know.

In the meantime, I'll be over here pulling my hair out.


Lacia said...

Awesome! Glad she's digging it, and hopefully it won't be short-lived.

As for the sound, she's probably doing it cuz she can. Kids are smart that way, expecially if they know it bugs us!

Yerbolat Sadykov said...


My name is Yerbolat. I'm from Kazakhstan, currently studying in Baltimore, majoring in special education.

I've been following your blog as part of my class assignment and I have to say that I enjoyed it and will definitely keep following.

I read about Zoromski family adopting a child from Ukraine. Do you think the situation is as bad in Kazakhstan? I plan to be a special education teacher there and I sure hope it works out well.

As for your question, I think she is making that sound to keep water out of her throat.

Waiting for your next post.

Jen said...

Oh good lord, the CUTE! I'm so glad this is working. And I don't think the sound is anything to worry about -- my guess would be it's the vibration in her throat that making that sounds produces that she likes. It's just kind of fun to make. Lila went through a phase where she clicked her tongue CONSTANTLY and it made me insane, but the ped said it was probably just she liked the way it felt.

Oh, and the line that makes you snort? Made me snort too. Heh. (Of course, my daughter has a snail from Littlest Pet Shop she's named Horny, so you know. I am easily amused.)

Madi said...

The Donald Duck sound? At least that is what I call it. My kid does it too, no idea why, he has been doing that for months now. Maybe just experimenting new sounds? I really don't know!

Andrea said...

Regarding the sound...oh mom she is just pretending to be a dinosaur! :) I agree with what Lacia said.

Lisa said...

Yaaaaaayyyyyy! Still no falling out? :)

Michelle said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya that this seems to be the trick! She looks like she's doing well with it! No tips/ideas about the noise she was making though. And, is it bad if I snorted at that one line too? :)