Friday, April 12, 2013


Playette had a pretty bad day at school yesterday.

And from the looks of it, it was a loooong, bad day.

This is her before 6pm last night.

I have so many things to share about her kindergarten experience.

In some ways, she's doing great. In others, she's struggling. It's hard to say how things will go from one day to the next.

And then there's always me. Me...the person who still doesn't cut her enough slack. Me...the person who doesn't have another five-year-old to compare her to and be able to say, "But they ALL do that!"


I haven't been posting much due to being busy and also conflicted.

How much of what I tell is really her story and not mine? Am I invading her privacy? Am I putting my children in danger? I try not to share too many intimate details, but still. I think about this stuff.

That's why I've barely written about Dez or shown him either. If I had, you'd all be well-aware that he'll be one in less than a week. Well, I guess you are now because I told you.

Time flies, yo.

More to come...