Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Pumpkin (Patch)

So, we did go to the field trip to the patch yesterday. Turns out, it was in the middle of flipping nowhere, down a street that I'd never, ever known existed, surrounded by lots and lots of produce-filled farmland.

It was awesome.

They had a corn maze and bounce houses and really big veggies.

There were chickens and pheasants and really loud honking geese.

There was also a dark walk through, punctuated with freaky scenes at every turn, that made me wish I had more than one flashlight and forced me to woman-up and press through after everyone had deserted us, me with a three-year-old wrapped around my neck like a fur stole, because I'm the mama and someone had to be brave up in there and I couldn't exactly let the other parents see me have to be rescued from crying in a dirt-filled corner by one of the staff, right?

At least Playette's shirt glowed in the dark. That helped a little by introducing some whimsy into the situation so that I wasn't completely obsessed with thoughts that we would never see daylight again.

Seriously? I don't know why they thought that preschoolers would be ok with that thing. It was mad scary, yo.

I didn't have too long to be freaked because after we got out, there was a group of people with Ds waiting to go in. That made me smile.

I also wondered where they were from. Their ages ranged and I really was curious about them. But, I just smiled and moved along to let Playette see the bunnies.

Some days, I wanna be all "DESIGNER GENES! PEEPS!" and then others? We just are. And they just are. And that's ok.

And just because I'm looking at some more of the pics and I cannot get over how big my baby girl has gotten, I'll share those here, too.



Lacia said...

I was just gonna comment on how big she is getting!!! It's sooooo cliche to say, but kidhood goes by waaaaaayyyyy too fast. Kaia is 6 1/2 but in my brain she's still 2. There's no way she's 6 1/2. And Playette reminds me so much of Kaia. I just love to see pics of her.

Shawndi84 said...

Oh, what a fun day! She is so adorable! I love her shirt!!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! She is so flippin adorable! I am totally freaked out by haunted house too! Glad you had fun!
Kimberley (sjb momma)

grasshopper said...

Love love love this entry and love love love all the wonderful family memories you're creating! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

She looks like she's grown even just from back in July!

Christi said...

Playette is precious;) Looks like she had fun at the Pumpkin Patch.