Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sesame Street

We haven't started watching this show at our house yet (Playette currently has no interest in anything but Signing Time and ESPN), but I enjoyed watching these clips and thought someone else might, too. Apparently, Sesame Street is great about including all kids, which I love.

The 80s-ness of it all is almost worth the click alone. Check out mom's stonewashed jumper dress in the first one.

Katie's baby brother

Cody grows a plant

Dany's fiesta

If you know of any others, please let me know.

edited to add:

Jessica drums

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


BD has this week off from school, as does Playette, so they're out enjoying the day. First, they went out to breakfast and now they're grocery shopping, followed by who-knows-what.

It makes me happy, their relationship. It's awesome and just what I wanted for any daughter of mine.

When I was younger, single, and childless, I would sit sometimes and think of what I wanted in a future partner. Humor, ambition, common values...all things I desired. But even higher on my list was "potential to be a good father." It's a trait that I admire more than almost any other and one that, if it doesn't exist, is the quickest turn-off imaginable. (Why do some women even bother with men who have proven to be bad fathers? I don't get that.)

So, anyway, I'm glad my daughter has a daddy that adores her, that she loves right back, and I can only hope that it continues for the rest of their lives.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ok, so maybe I like it here a little.

I realize that I've complained about where we live from time to time over the last two years, but as I sit here 3000 miles away from the "winter wonderland" that is the east coast of the United States, where I spent most of my life, well, I realize that flip flops in December aren't such a bad thing. I don't miss snow. At all.

*commence throwing of rotten tomatoes*

Granted, the summers over there are actual summers and we'll still be wearing corduroys in July, but I guess it's all about balance. You take the good with the bad and there's always gonna be something.

I know this thought is not super-profound or unique, but it's what's on my mind.

I loved Lisa's article on "What is Normal?" and it makes me wonder "What is Perfect?" and why do I begrudge the fact that I'm not if no one else is either.


I guess all the hosting we've been doing lately is just bringing me to a point of appreciation for where were are. This moment. Not where we were or where we're going to be.

I like now.

It's not so bad.

Monday, December 21, 2009

All We're Missing is an Olan Mills Stamp

We were trying to recreate a cheesy holiday shot, complete with sweaters, a (faux) fur throw, and a blazing fire in the background, but what we actually got was, well, this:

Flirting with her Auntie's beau. Check out the head toss. She's a pro.

Mama's Punkin' Unkin'.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Plot Thickens

Ok, so Playette has had this long-term congestion thing happening, right? Not sick-sick, but enough so that we've had a nebulizer perched on the arm of our love seat for well over a year. We use it when things sound more interesting than normal. I know Pulmicort and Albuterol up close and personally and I've even taught myself a device to remind me which one is for what. (Coughs: Pulmicort Prevents, Albuterol for Active)

We've done the "Baby Jessica."If you've taken a little one to have a chest x-ray, you know what I mean.

And you know what? Nothing. Yup, nothing. It's not bronchitis or her close relatives. It's not pneumonia. It goes away for a while and then comes back. My heart sinks a little each time I hear the croupy cough.

The last time we went to the Ds Clinic at Stanford, we mentioned this whole deal again and were referred to a Pediatric Pulmonologist. When BD came back from that appointment, he told me that is was recommended that Playette have an Upper GI study, a modified barium swallow study, and a sleep study done.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've covered the first two. The sleep study is on hold for now. I don't really want to go through that anyway, but insurance is holding it up, not us. Annoying to say the least, but whatever.


The Upper GI was...ugh. Playette hated it, but we learned that she doesn't have reflux so that's good and done.

I expected similar results from the Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study. Because I am spoiled and naive.

That VFSS is kinda freaky. I mean, it's not difficult, per se, but seeing your kid's skeleton on a screen and watching the liquid/food come in and go down? Well, yeah, like I said...freaky.

Turns out Playette does silently aspirate thin liquids. She's probably been doing it for a very long time. They're amazed that she's never had pneumonia (thankfully, there's only one set of bum lungs in this family) since she's essentially been "feeding" the bacteria in her lungs whenever she aspirates, allowing food to enter the windpipe instead of traveling down her throat and into her stomach the proper way.

Lemme tell you, in the grand scheme of things, not such a big deal, but as the OT was telling me that Playette would need to be put on nectar thick liquids only for the next 6-12 months, I felt myself reaching...over and over and over again into her box of cheese crackers, and bringing them to my own mouth. Emotional eater, I am.

Thoughts bombarded me.

How are we going to thicken her liquids at daycare? Oh, they won't do that for us; it's against the rules, isn't it? (cheese cracker) We'll have to go up there. Which one of us will go? How will we get away at 11:30 every day? (cheese cracker) Wait. What about snack time? They drink then, too. What time is snack again? (cheese cracker) This will never work. I'll just quit my job. Yeah, I'll quit my job and feed my kid thick liquids all day, every day. (cheese cracker) Crap. I bet that stuff's expensive. How are we going to afford that if I quit my job? (cheese cracker)


I finally snapped out of it and the OT was still talking and showing me that stupid video. "She there? She's penetrating? And right there? Right there, she's aspirating. That's not good."

(cheese cracker)

Fast forward...

It's been a week so far and we've started thickening. We've had an IFSP meeting, at which the daycare agreed to help us out on their end. Not the travesty I was imagining at all. We've got some Thick-It and I just ordered some Simply Thick that arrived yesterday. So we'll practice until we get it right.

Just like everything else.

If you have any experience in this area, please do share. I'd love to hear about what you've done, what products you've used. If you blog and have talked about it, drop a link in the comments and I'll jump right over.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Friday, December 11, 2009

The Day We Said, "Aw, Screw It."

So, we have this rule, right? It was developed when BD and I were dating and we went to Disney World together. It was a great trip and as single, childless people, we swore that we would never bring a kid there before they met certain criteria. And we would never bring a stroller. Never.

But, well, we got these Disneyland passes from a really good friend and then great-grandma had to work and couldn't watch Playette that day, soooo...

Here ya go:

(BTW, she's rocking a "Genetically Enhanced" shirt, inspired by that of Sheridan and a sweater that we love that was a gift from Gabby and her Phamily.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's been out of control lately. I'm going to try moderating comments and see if that helps.

If not, I'll go to Plan B.

Next up...

I was trying to decide what to post first and then settled on going in chrono order.

That means it's time for race pics.

Pre-race pose. I don't know what we're supposed to be showing off here.

Hanging out at the starting line. It was coollld.

FNPT and I in the corral. She's typically a much faster runner than I am, but she agreed to keep me company and get me water and yell at me stuff. How awesome is that?!

Where's Crittle?

Mile 2ish.

Mile 8ish. We almost took each other out coming around that curve.

Some of our entertainment. Check out the awesome weather we got that day.

Coming around the bend. Note all the walkers surrounding me. I was not in any danger of winning this race, but dang it, I was gonna finish strong.

And then I noticed the camera and became deliriously giddy.

Race over, FNPT and I grabbed some snacks. At this point, I realized how much pain I was in. She wanted me to keep walking. I, on the other hand, wanted to curl up in a ball in the middle of the parking lot.

The Littlest One.

Post-race posing.

As I've mentioned before, prior to last spring, running was only something that I thought about doing. And they were never really nice thoughts either. I resented running and it hated me right back. I was sure of it.

Well, one day I decided to try. And then try again. I'd tried before, but the trying again part was what I had trouble with. Previously, every time I felt defeated, I moved on to something else. So this time I kept going. First, a few yards at a time Then, a quarter mile. Pretty soon, those quarters started turning into a mile. Then multiple miles. I complained and I cried (really, and more than once), but I kept coming back.

My body has changed (I was carrying 25 more lbs back when I started than I am now), my confidence has been boosted, and I'm actually proud of myself for once. I'm seeing the self I used to be and it feels good.

So, maybe I can encourage one person. I hope so at least. It doesn't have to be running. Maybe you've always had something, anything, that you just kept meaning to do but it seemed too hard.

Maybe now's the time to try it. And then try again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Need help with your holiday shopping?

I know one way to make things much, much easier.

Just buy all your gifts via the Zoromski's online auction.

There's some really cute stuff over there. I'd like to try and encourage you to bid high and often. So let's go...

What grandmother wouldn't love a birthstone bracelet so that she can show off all her kids and grandkids?

Have a baby shower to go to? Check out this cool looking swaddling blanket.

Are you a scrapbooker? There are lots of things for you, too.

If you're got a girly girl in your life, there are really cute dresses and hats and tutus!

Perhaps you or someone you know would like some great photography to hang on the wall?

Do you know what a key fob is? I didn't until I checked it out and now I want one. Or five.

Lots, lots more over on their blog. All funds raised got to help bring Lily home as soon as possible.

In case you missed it, I posted their story here.

Fellow bloggers, please feel free to spread this info far and wide in support of this wonderful family.

Monday, December 7, 2009

And we're off!

This week is dedicated to the art of catching up.

So if you interested in 1/2 marathons, Disneyland, deliberately corny holiday pics, and/or the struggles of maintaining a two-year-old's hair, this is your week.

Don't say I never gave you nothing.

Today? The tree. I really didn't think anyone would want to see it. That's why I didn't post pics before. I mean, it's not anything you'd put in a magazine or anything. I just like it because...well, because it's mine I guess.


And some of my favorite ornaments, just for fun.

No, really. That's all I've got today.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Learning, Future, all that stuff

Someone asked me the other day what I would like for Playette, ideally, when it comes to her education.

I think this video is a good example:

Now, I realize that full inclusion isn't the path of choice for all kids, so if Playette seems more frustrated than she is flourishing, then, of course, we'd have to explore other options.

But when she was born and I was still digesting the news of her diagnosis, I read something that put the thought into my head that she'd be able to do anything, just maybe not at the same pace as her typically-developing peers.

So, maybe she'd excel in reading and history-type stuff like I did, or be better at math and science like her dad, or maybe she'd forge a new path and be way into the arts...but is it so horrible if she doesn't do well at everything? I mean, not all that many of us do.

I sure don't.

That philosophy continues to comfort me when I have doubts and fears and anxieties, so I'll hold it tight. Maybe for just a bit longer, maybe forever.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some More Signs

Ok, so my daughter officially has me beat. She knows way more signs than I do now. I'm having

Here's an update before I forget:

brush teeth

She even attempts to finger spell 'pen' and 'glue', which is just hilarious to watch because she can't sign letters yet. She moves her fingers around though, so, yeah. She kinda gets the concept, though even I can't tell what she means unless it's in the context of watching a ST episode. We won't count those just yet.

Which reminds me of something. While I think it's great that Playette is picking things up quickly, and I love when she makes people's jaws drop when she signs words like 'principal', I don't know...should she be signing words when she doesn't really know what they mean? I wonder what the point is, though...would I even be asking this if she were saying 'principal'?


Probably not.

I do point out the daycare director and tell her that she's her principal though. Hopefully she's making a connection.

But, if not? Whatever. She's happy so I'm happy.

Aaand my baby girl just came over and signed 'more mama' while reaching up. Post over.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bah Hum...oh, forget it.

We put up a tree the other night and I must admit...I love it.

It's sooo pretty and Playette hasn't even tried to tear it down yet so that must be a sign that it's meant to be there.

The last time we put up a tree was in 2006. BD and I were newlyweds and we thought we had the perfect idea of how to tell our parents that we were expecting their first grandchild.

In short, we did it with an ornament.

Ok, so maybe it was more my idea. And it was dorky.

Hey, it worked.

The Christmas after that one, we had just completed a cross-country move so we decided to take up some family friends on their offer to spend the holidays with them.

Then, last year, we opted to get away from everything. So we had a different type of tree.

Now, though, it just seems like the spirit of celebration is back upon me. And before the holiday even. Typically, at the very best, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this type of thing. You know how some people are all Christmas-happy while they're trick-or-treating? Well, I'm more of a January enthusiast, if anything.

You know, when stuff is cheaper and the pressure is off.

We had bought a tree either last year or the year before (I can't remember), after they were on super-sale at the Depot, and it just sat in its box ever since. So BD opened it up and, with the help of his sister, got to work assembling it while I tried to remember where everything else got stashed.

After a few minutes in the garage, I found most, if not all, of the decorations. I'm sure there must be more (I thought I had stuff that I had made as a kid somewhere and even some of the more sentimental things from my childhood, but those still elude me), but we're good for now.

Apparently, at some point, I bought winter-themed towels, a table runner, way too many gift card holders, and tons of glitter-dripping ornaments via two well-stocked kits as well as some impulse buys at the Hallmark display. Even I can't resist "magic"! And by "magic" they mean that it plays the SportsCenter theme song when you push a button. We balanced that purchase out with some classics. Don't worry.

All that to say, I really do love my tree. It's fake and pre-lit with dazzling white lights. There's a funky gold star that remains just a little bit askew, no matter what. There are noticeably no decorations within reach of a near-three-foot-tall person.

We're all covered in silver glitter and it's fabulous.