Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grandma Technology

I wanted to post last night.

I tried to post last night.

But I was useless without my internet connection.

I also learned that my Blackberry is no good when it comes to posting. Bah!

But I'm back in business. For now.

And I also now officially know the difference between the router and the modem.

I bet you're jealous.

You're really gonna hate me when I tell you that I "direct connected" the laptop to the modem with my "ethernet cord."


*popping collar*

So, wanna know what I deduced this morning as Playette and I were playing Dance Party USA (snort)?

Well, I know her favorite singers.

They are:

1. Rachel Coleman
2. Rihanna
3. Me

She cracks me up. She was absolutely enthralled while watching Rihanna's new video for the first time today. And then she started singing along while dancing. I think she may have even signed "world" a few times but, um, I don't know that sign so I totally need to look it up. Heh.

I love moments like that and thinking back on it makes me smile.

Oh, and that reminds me. She seems confused by how Rachel used to be in the TV, which she was perfectly fine with before, then she was right there in person, and now she's back in the TV again.

I've caught Playette tapping the screen and looking behind the television in confusion.

Poor babe.