Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CEC Outtakes

Back before I was married and had kids, I used to tag along to the parties of my friends' children. Each time I ended up at CEC, I'd spend all my tokens in the photo booth that allows a rat to make fake custom pencil drawings.

So, since my children were getting CEC marked off of their respective bucket lists last Saturday, I felt obligated to document the moment.

Even if it did take way too long and I had the flop sweats by the time we were done.

Because, y'know, that's it and that's all. Never again.

And I'm all about making memories.


1. That first pic must be Playette's eye. I don't remember that one so it must have been created on BD's watch.

2. Dez turned 10 months that day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exploring His Options

Dez seems to always be testing new ground.

This kid will.not.keep.still.

On Sunday, he surprised us with a foray into Interior Design.

Apparently, our bar stools being at the island is très passé.

Also, because this is so relevant, my first child, my darling Playette, walked at 20 months. 
Dez is doing this stuff at 9 months. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013



That's what she yelled down the stairs to me.

Loudly and deliberately.

My heart swelled as I stopped feeding Dez and walked towards the sound of her voice.

I started to reflect. "She shows so much affection, but could this be the first time she's ever said those three words unsolicited? Maybe? Not with a 'too' at the end? Wow! What a glorious milestone! I don't ever want to forget this moment."

I got to the bottom of the kitchen steps and looked up to where she was standing on the landing.

My sweet girl.

She loves me! She said so!

She stood there shirtless and began to speak again.

"I love you. Help me with pants, please, mommy?"

Oh, yeah. That little buckle thing.

Hmph. A love-for-help bribe.

I'll still take it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morning Haiku

Picked the baby up
Tried to grab a coffee sip
He sneezed in my mug

It gets better?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Mean" Mommy Moment

On Friday, while we both stood in her closet, I asked Playette what she wanted to wear to school that morning.

She walked over and touched the hem of a dress and said, "Lara."

It was her flower girl dress from October. She named it after the bride.

As much as a black, ankle length, poofy, sleeveless gown could be fun to wear to kindergarten on a snowy day, I said no and made another suggestion.

She seemed rather put out, but I guess that's just part of my job.

Her little "awww, Mom!"s do crack me up though.

Remind me of that when she's 14.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Keep On Keeping On

We're still here.

Learning, growing, and loving.

I was attempting to teach Dez the concept of cold and then couldn't resist taking a pic.

So I figured I'd share my almost-walker (!) wondering at his Something New, while also helping to show off his big sister's artwork.

He's a multi-tasker, that one.