Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today, we attended our third walk this month in support of Down syndrome Awareness. It was also our third year at the Bay Area Buddy Walk.

It's not that I just loooove Ds so much that I feel the need to walk in circles in three different cities for it. (I've had people ask me, "Why so many?") What I do love are the people. I love the sense of belonging. I love the bounce houses and live entertainment and the self-advocates and, well, the lunches are greatly appreciated, too. Plus, for us, this year, the timing just worked out really well so that we could attend all three.

Since Sheree made it nice and easy for us, Playette and I got all dolled up in our finest walking outfits. They were a huge hit. Again.

Prior to last week, the most dressed up we got was to put the event t-shirt on over what were already wearing, so this was a bit of a change.

Honestly, I didn't mind wearing my tutu again one little bit. I don't think Playette did either. There's just something about a tutu, y'all. It makes me feel even more sassy than usual.

We had a great time. There was threat of heavy downpours, but, for the most part, we stayed dry. We walked, we saw friends, we ate pizza and cookies, only one of us jumped in the bounce house (boo!), and we won Signing Time stuff in the raffle (yay!)

After everything was over and we were about to head home, Playette made it halfway to the car before she decided that she absolutely needed to open the ST bundle right then and there. I was tired, so I relented.

Our friend, Jen, was also kind enough to give me this necklace she made and I just love it. I'll be sure to wear it proudly in the years to come, as we move from city to city, as a reminder of the great friends we've made along the way via our Littlest.

BTW, Jen? Playette is already singing along to that cd. ;-)


AZ Chapman said...

wish I could have made it :(

The Hapa Girl said...

You guys looked AMAZING! Man, the things Sheree can do with a little bit of fabric!

Lacia said...

You'll have to post your tutu-making how-to. I've wanted to get one for Kaia, but don't know anyone who makes them and don't feel like spending a fortune ordering one online. I'm cheap like that!

And I think it's great you've done 3 Buddy Walks. I did the Jacksonville, FL Buddy walk a few weeks ago, and then will be doing our own in a couple of weeks. It fun to attend other ones and meet new people and see how they do things. Especially when the JAX one in on the beach, and ours (up in Canada), so soooooo not beachy!!! It's always the 1st week of November and November can be nasty cold, or it can be somewhat mild. It's an unknown mixed bag of weather, but still fun.

Michelle said...

Love her outfit! adorable! How great that you were able to attend 3 BW - nothing like being able to keep yourself busy!