Saturday, October 2, 2010

How do you know?

I had a great night tonight, but I'm going to let it marinate for a little while and write about it in a bit. So much to say!

In the meantime...

If you're the parent of a child with Ds, you may have asked yourself at some point, especially if you're a first-timer like me, "Is this a developmental stage or is this the Ds?"

I mean, of course I do that with things like speech and behavioral issues, but this other one...this other one I can't help but wonder if it's attached to the extra 21 or not.

Door closing.

Playette cannot function with an open door. If she wakes up from a nap and her bedroom door is cracked, she doesn't come out and greet the world refreshed. Nope. First, she has to close the door. Then, she'll come back and open it.

I've heard other parents of kids with Ds say the same thing.

But do 46ers also sometimes do it with the same conviction?

Is it a common 3 year-old thing and I just don't know because I've never had another 3 year-old?

So, regardless of what experience you've had, what say you?

I'm really curious about this one.

Are obsessive behaviors common in people with Ds, regardless of the age?

Hm. Now that I think about it, I do recall seeing that Monica, from the documentary Monica and David, had to have things just so. Is it a matter of routine and being in control?


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. 21 years here of demanding the door be shut. Even when she was in the hospital which made for some not so happy nurses at times.

Becca said...

Oh, funny, Samantha does that sometimes, too. And I never had another 3 year old to compare her behavior to, either, so who knows? I do know that a friend of mine with a typical 4 year old reports that her son is very, very specific about how he wants things, too. Kids, in general, have control issues, too.

Molly said...

On the other hand, my cousin w/o DS is the SAME way. but Cabinets too. He used to fuss in his highchair if his mother left a cabinet open.

Tricia said...

Georgia does this, and so does her 46-er brother. Although, to be perfectly honest, I think he does it BECAUSE she does it.

I have read that OCD tendencies are common in the 47 pop, but I don't generally love generalizing it. It would make sense that order, routine, etc are helpful for organizing your mind, helping clear your head, etc though. And this coming from someone who is a tidge OCD herself.

Ultimately, other than ticking off a few nurses, I don't think it's a terrible thing if it's not interfering with her life. :)

BTW, I am so glad you are doing 31.21!!

krlr said...

Actually it's the opposite problem - granted, my girl is only 2, but she unless all the accessible cabinets are emptied of silly things like tupperware & pots. And, terrifyingly, she just learned to open doors and I can't remember where we put those doorknob-cover-thingys. My (typical) 5 yr old boy, however is offering to help clean. How bad does the house have to be if the 5 yr old is moved to try to fix?

The Hapa Girl said...

Interesting...made me start thinking. Lillian always shuts our doors. It could be the front door, bathroom door whatever the door is from, she must shut it.

I never thought about it being a 47or 46er type thing. But I'm pretty sure my older two didn't have the need to shut the doors all the time.

Just Me @ My Domestic Experiments said...

I have two boys one is typical 3 year old and one is 14 with DS & Autism. My 3 year old likes to shut doors but he won't sleep with his door shut. As long as he's awake he has to have things the way he knows they are supposed to be. My 14 year old never cared one way or the other. In spite of having two Dx which would give him more of a preference for control... he is just laid back as can be. So I'm thinking could be developmental or personality but not specifically from DS.

sheree said...

I can't remember if we talked about this already or not but- Gabby is VERY much a door closer. I would go ahead and say it might be her most favorite thing to the world.

Michelle said...

Lucas is actually like this, he's obsessive and likes things to be in their place, like if he sees a cabinet door open he'll point it out and make sure you close it. Sometimes putting something away I'll just put the object down somewhere else and he says 'no it goes over dere!'