Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: Halloween

Obviously, I'm much better at this blogging thing when I'm not traipsing around the country getting into all kinds of stuff. I'm on my way home in a few hours though so WOOT! Can't wait to see my little family again.

BD sent me these photos last night from Halloween. I enjoyed looking at them and I hope you will too.


Parents were invited to snack and the Parade o' Kids at daycare on the day before Halloween. Since it was my last day at work before leaving for two weeks, I rushed up there at 3pm, hoping to make it in time. My wig was hot and it was a really warm day, so I was schweaty. But I made it.

The kids were having their snack when I got there. Check out the spoon in one hand while the other hand grabs the food. She gets the concept, but she gets tired of the slower spoon-feeding pace after a while.

After that was done, I changed Playette into her Nemo costume (cutest costume ever, a hand-me-down courtesy of Jen and Boo). After the kids marched around the courtyard, we were done. I don't know what else I was expecting. A show, maybe? See, last year we missed out on all of this because we were in Kansas. But I guess there's not much else you can really do successfully with 15 2-3 year-olds at Halloween besides put them in costumes and march them around the courtyard. If that, as I noticed. Lesson learned.

Once that wrapped up, most people got their belongings and headed home. Not Playette. No, she wanted more snack. So she sidled up to the cart full of fruit and went to town. The teachers were ok with it since it everyone else was done with it and I was impressed that she was eating watermelon (ick), so I just sat back and waited until she was done. Maybe I should have stopped her instead of joining in with the blackberries.

Anyway, here are the pics.

Oh! And that scrunched up face she's making. That's her cheesy face. Tell her to say "cheese" and that's what you get in return.


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Sonia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Especially with her pulling the hood on the sides and her cheese smile. DEFINITELY a super cute costume!

sheree said...

okay that costume is OVER THE TOP cute!!!

Monica Crumley said...

Great photos! Love the hair Chrystal :-) and Nemo is the cutest!

Karly said...

Hey, I am only a month behind on my reading, but had to leave a late shout out to the cutest damn watermelon- eating Nemo evah! Adorable.