Monday, October 18, 2010

Steppin' Up!

On Saturday, Playette and I drove to the Sacramento area to spend some more time with our favorite Phamily.

We arrived just in time to see Operation Spirit in full effect. I was quickly taught how to make a tutu. I was quite proud of myself as I am usually what is considered the opposite of crafty.

I did not, in fact, have to be taught how to eat all of the wonderful spread of food that was on display.

That? I am good at.

There was glitter everywhere. Signs and large, decorated "Gs" (for Team Gabalicious). Streamers and curly strands for the wagon. Matching t-shirts and accessories for all.

Well actually, there weren't quite matching t-shirts for all.

Sheree went out of her way to have slightly different shirts made for our team-within-a-team, "Playette's Peeps."

The walk itself was a lot of fun. The girls were gorgeous and as we walked, we cheered and sang and danced.

Last year, Team Gabalicious had won the "Most Spirited" award. What a fun thing to aim for, right? I'm all for getting festive and showing people that we, the friends and families of people with Down syndrome, know how to celebrate in the name of increasing awareness.

It was also nice to see so many other families again that I have gotten to know over the last couple of years. We all have this amazing bond based on the little something extra that our kids have in common.

Ds Walk #2 of 2010 complete.

Ds Walk #1 of 2010


Becca said...

Wow, what a fun time! You and Playette look absolutely adorable - great tutus, too!

The Sanchez Family said...

I just noticed you had your own tees :)! HOW SWEET!
LOVE it!

sheree said...

thank you for all of your help this weekend- we LOVE having you guys and seriously hope to see you back for turkey day ;)

And hey- you need to give credit where credit is due because you ARE craftier than you think. Wasn't I taking lessons from you on how to decorate the wagon at one point? Yeah...I WAS! :)