Sunday, October 10, 2010

Now that she has teeth, they will all fall out.

Because she refuses to brush them.


Every time I break out the toothbrush, Playette flips out. She'll sign "brush teeth" and act it out it all day, but the actual act? Akin to torture in her eyes.

You should see how I have to do it.

Not fun.

And then I feel like traumatizing her with the experience really isn't helping my long-term goal.

I sing songs, I dance, I entertain, I model the behavior I want to see.

And nothing.

Any tips, oh wise ones?

This morning, though, she did go into the drawer in our bathroom and take out the toothbrush that I use when I travel (oh, and yay for mad fine motor skillz, but dang are things harder when she can open bottles and other typically-hard-to-open thingees). So, yeah, at first I assumed that she wouldn't get it open because sometimes I have trouble with it, but nope. A couple of minutes later, there she was:

Soooo, do I just get her a grown-up brush? Is that the issue, maybe?

BD says she looks like an inmate when I take pics of her up against the plain wall like this. Ha!


Anonymous said...

So I've been following your blog since the summer before last....I have to say, Malea looks positively grown with that toothbrush in her mouth. What happened to the baby? OMG...she's a young lady now. Geez. Time flies.

AZ Chapman said...

I am not sure Crystal I think maybe the ST could help. Are there any books on brushing your teeth for kids.

Lisa said...

Sheridan has always been in to it, BUT the cheap kids electric toothbrush (got it at Target for under $4 I think) was a HUGE hit. He loves it. When I say we're all done he still wants to keep brushing and grabs the toothbrush from me. I don't know if a little sensory vibration will matter, but at least it will make cleaning teeth faster/better than a regular ol' toothbrush. Maybe?

Lacia said...

Do you have an electric toothbrush for her? If not, go out and buy a cool Dora one or something and let her play with it whenever she wants. She should really dig it, and will get at least some brushing in without her even knowing it. It's also good for oral motor strengthening apparently. She will out-grow this phase, so have no fear. Kaia was HORRIBLE at letting me brush her teeth. I kept trying and eventually she grew out of it...sorta. She became fine with it, except SHE wanted to do it. that's fine, except she doesn't do the greatest job. Now she's too lazy and wants me to do it for her.

Cate said...

yeah, our dentist recommended the electric one. I've been using the regular one since Abby broke the electric, though. And I hold her down to brush and there's lots of crying. But since her brother has 4 cavities, I recommend the brushing. That's no fun.

Cindy said...

Oh the teeth brushing! The horrors! Haha! Johnny loves if we pretend there are "sugar bugs" in his mouth and we have to brush them out...they jump from tooth to tooth. He also loves if we find the Wiggles in his mouth, or Elmo. AND, he loves if we re-cap everything he has eaten for the day and ask, "Oh, I see yogurt, did you eat yogurt today?"
And who has the time for all these games?!?! Sigh!
Good luck- you are not alone!!! :) :)