Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gotta Love Sesame Street

I will begin teaching this song to Playette immediately.

Very important and a nice reminder to me of all the things our hair can do.

It's not always easy being different. My little girl will experience that in more ways than one.

I just want her to know that different is ok. Actually, different can be more than ok.

It's beautiful and should be celebrated.


Cindy said...

Awesome, fun song for an awesome, fun little girl!!

Maya said...

I just heard that song the other day I LOVE it! I totally, totally relate.
Crazy Jew 'Fro over here. :-)

Karly said...

Can I tell you how much my kids love this song? I think they may have some hair envy of their own after listening. :)

Lisa said...

I flippin' LOVED that! So awesome!

Wendy P said...

Oh, I saw this the other day and I LOVE it!