Friday, October 15, 2010

As Requested

Oh, wait, before I give you the intro to the video, that whole New Dora thing? Ergh. This morning, Playette revolted.


The point that at least it goes by faster is a good one. And it is easier to see her two front teeth when she's crying.


So, one of my friends loved seeing the videos of Playette and requested more. I will try to oblige with some new material in the future, but, to tide you over, here's a favorite clip of mine that Michelle took at the Ds Awareness Walk in WI (co-starring Lily!). I am so glad she caught this because I, very absentmindedly, left my camera at her house. Of course, I didn't know that we'd be called up on stage for the "Silly Pizza" song (!), but still, I'm kicking myself. Thank goodness for friends.


Christina said...

You are the awesome. Along w Playette. And Lily :)

Lacia said...

Way cool! I think Kaia would lose her mind (in a good way of course) if she was that close to Rachel!!!

Lisa said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE that video!!!! I love how Playette is looking at Rachel, signing along, and it looks like she's thinking to herself: Whoa, Mom! This is REALLY high def! Playette looks mesmerized to be standing that close to her :)

And by the way, props to you for signing along and keeping up with Rachel on that first verse. That song is hecka fast. :)

Molly said...

Hahaha, First of all, you are adorable. And you sign really well. Second of all, Playette, SO CUTE. She's just staring at Rachel like "you're not in my tv. What's going on. Yes, I know my signs, but wait Rachel, let's focus on why you are here..."

Michelle said...

she did a great job up on that stage!