Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watch your back, Martha.

If you read the comments, you might have noticed that BD made a rare appearance there the other day.

He was calling me out, of course.

All in good fun, but that man knows me so well.

I was talking about hanging pictures in the very house that we're moving out of shortly and he was all, "What no pictures of the pictures?" and, well, of course I had taken one but just didn't post it so I had to laugh.

Here it is, in case you're interested.

Not hugely exciting as a stand-alone, I know, but there are two reasons why I'm sharing it:

1. Dude. I hung up pictures. All by myself. That's borderline crafty. Look at me! WHEE!

2. The photographer was my friend, Stephanie, and I love these pictures so very much and they deserved a place of honor in our home. She was kind enough to take them when we were in Orlando at the NDSC Convention over the summer.

If you're in FL, or know someone who is, and looking for a photographer, contact her. She's awesome.

Here's a snippet of our session:

Lovey, love, love.

Those pictures make me smile.

I'm glad they're on the wall now, where I can see them all the time.


This is probably a good segue into talking about the conference, huh?

I'm running out of days. I better get to posting!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful!!!!

Cate said...

I want those pictures on MY wall. they're just perfect.

Monica said...

Oh, these are awesome photos! LOVE the black/white one and Miss M is sooo beautiful in that dress! I'm so bummed I missed you last weekend! I just saw you on Sheree's post!

Michelle Z said...

LOVE those pics! They look lovely in your home :)

My name is Sarah said...

Great photos. My mom really likes to second one of you two.