Monday, October 26, 2009

Hanging with the Phamily

Back in June, we went to Sacramento to visit Sheree and her crew.

This time, they came back to our 'hood. Of course, talking to their parents is always great, but Cameron and Gabby? They are some cool kids, lemme tell you. Cam cracks me up and Gabby is just the sweetest.

Friday night, we met up at a sushi restaurant. For those that don't like raw fish, never fear. If you ever come to eat sushi with me, rest assured that I will find the thing most unlike raw fish on the menu to eat. I'm pretty sure my rolls involved deep fried something-or-other and sauces and crunchy things. Good stuff.

Cameron even got a complimentary marble soda thingee, just for being Cam.

After dinner, we came back to the house to relax and unwind. The kids played while the grown ups talked.

Playette is so much more interested in Gabby now than she was last time. That's a testament to how much Gabby has matured in the last few months. Remember, my child thinks she's much older than she really is.

Playette says hi.
Gabby says hi.

You might not be able to tell here, but Playette kept one hand on Gabby's pant leg, while she was climbing the step like, "Be careful. This place is dangerous."

Tell 'em, Playette!

Playette also took an interest in Sheree's Pantene ad-worthy hair.

And then gave her an extra-special thank you hug for the pretty sweater she brought as a gift. Sheree knows how much we love our sweaters over here. Hopefully, she can wear it as well as Gabby does.

We were able to get together again on Saturday for lunch, which was so much fun. It all ended with a slice of peanut butter cup cake that we all shared. I'm still giddy about that cake. It went too fast to even get a picture of it.

Unfortunately, We weren't able to join them for a trip to the aquarium this time, but I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you more about the reason why...

Edited to add: I just clicked over to Sheree's blog to look again at her description of the visit they made here last year and OMG, check out how much the girls have changed since then. The babies! Where are they?


sheree said...

omg, they HAVE changed so much! WOW!!

We had so much fun with you. We're just sad we couldn't spend more time with you all.

Nguyen is still talking about that peanut butter/chocolate cake (you'd think it would be me still running my mouth about it but NO)

Next time you guys are taking us to Carmel!! ;)

Michelle said...

How fun to get together! Looks like everyone had a great time!