Friday, October 16, 2009

I wish I knew how to Photoshop.

Because I'd surely find a way to eliminate the wayward laundry piles from this photo, but, eh, not part of my skillset.

This here is Playette, all ready for school this morning. She is becoming quite the lover of the camera lately. I don't know if it's just because my Blackberry makes a camera-like noise or what, but she absolutely gets a kick out of it.

I thought she looked cute, so I took her picture.

And then...

And then I made the huge mistake of leaving her for a moment to go get a bib so that Teething McDroolerson wouldn't be soaking wet all morning.

Well, when I came back, of course she was not where I left her.

(It's almost like I haven't learned anything over the past two years.)

At least I had an idea of where she'd be. Not where I wanted her to be of course, but I knew.

The bathroom.

The bathroom that some genius my crazy landlord decided should have no door.

I rounded the corner to see Playette playing in the toilet, covered in wet toilet paper.

And then...

And then I saw it.

The TiVo remote.

The same one last seen happily displayed in the photo above.

You know, back when it was still working.


missdona said...


Take the batteries out of the tivo remote and give it a couple of days. It could come back to life.

A mutual friend of ours's tivo remote went through a whole wash cycle and revived.

A Lady Called Amy said...

hahaha... i mean, uh oh... i only have to worry about my daughter playing in the toilet like it's a fountain, she doesn't put stuff in it yet.

Carrie said...

LOL--I just found your blog and I love it! I look forward to reading more!

Staci said...

This had me cracking up! My little cousin is too adorable!

Monica Crumley said...

Deep breaths, Chrystal, deep breaths :-) Fortunately she's so cute I'm sure you forgive her a thousand times a day and then some. How could you not! As for your photoshop skills (or lack thereof), at least you're showing us reality and it's not always pretty, laundry piles and all :-)

Kanuck said...

Oh my goodness.
Oh, and I second Dona's advice, having accidentally given a pager an accidental dunk once or twice in my life.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you explained that she's holding a TiVo remote :). My mind must be in the gutter these days.

Michelle said...

Oops!! And a bathroom with no door? really? That's strange!

And she is cute :)

sheree said...

Bwwwaaaahahahahaha!! Good thing she is so darn cute!

Christina M said...

hahaha she is so inventive:) we should encourage exploring new things, right?

Karly said...

We got a new Tivo remote on the cheap from Ebay. Ours suffered a beating, rather than drowning. ;)

Meggin said...

Well, I've caught up again, just in time to figure out why Brian recently posted on my FB wall about my TiVo remote in the washing machine story. How's your little remote doing now? Like Dona said, a few days of drying time may bring it back to life. And just in case ours didn't come back to life, I had a new remote shipped to me overnight. It's still in the original box in a closet somewhere.

So tell M that she's in good company in giving the TiVo remote a bath and I'll tell Travis the same!

Michelle said...

Oh my. hahaha - so sorry! BUT glad you've got it working again. What good is Tivo without the remote!?

I'm always afraid I'm going to lose my cell phone to the toilet, because I keep it in my back pocket.

Ruby's obsessed with the toilet, can't keep her tiny hands out of it!