Monday, October 5, 2009


Yeah, flag on that last play.

BD called. And I'm sure he loves that I'm all telling our life story blow-by-blow and all, but...well, I'm procrastinating. Don't feel like working out, so...

Me: You were trying to reach me?

BD: Yeah, I just read your blog post.

Me: Ok. (ready to hear about a typo or whatever)

BD: I didn't order the bed.

Me: WHA?!

BD: Remember? We were on the site and I had the stuff in the cart and then our daughter dumped garlic powder all over the place and we had to stop and go clean that up?

Me: (remembering the mess of Playette "grocery shopping" by pushing her cart into the kitchen and filling it with spices from the rack with which she is currently obsessed.) Oh. Yeah.

BD: Well, I never went back to finish the order. So what kind of sheets do you want?


Still romantic.

Still planning on throwing glitter everywhere.

But this is so our life.


Wendy P said...

classic indeed. but still romantic and definitely deserves glitter.

Sonia said...

Sorry...all I can do is laugh at this one.

Maya said...

Love it! Sounds like marital bliss to me. Those small people really have a way of interfering, don't they?

I LOVE our bed. I'm embarrassed to admit how much we paid for it. Glad we bought it when we had the money for it as we'd never be able to buy it now! Worth. Every. Penny.

I choose not to think about bed bugs. But thanks for reminding me! : )