Monday, October 5, 2009

The Dance of Joy

Sometimes at night...I hear things.

They go pop and grind. Subtle, really, but noticeable.

Our bed is angry.

And then there's this mountain in the middle that didn't used to be there.

It's a pillow top mattress, so you can turn in and turn it all you want, but flipping just doesn't seem to be an option. So you either end up on the side with the deep, longer dip or the shorter, more shallow dip.

What a dilemma, right? However shall I choose?

As someone who travels a bit, I have turned into a real hotel snob. I can't sleep just anywhere. I used to bring a sheet from home with me and wrap up in it like a cocoon to keep the germies off me.

In case you didn't know, cotton is like kryptonite to bed bugs.

Well, maybe not.

But don't ruin it for me, ok?

They even sell a product like this now. I've seen it at BBB. Someone took my idea an has probably made millions thousands of dollars off of people like me.


The mattress. It is horrible.

It's not even old. I remember when BD bought it back when we were dating. He was so proud of the deal he got. Under $1000!

I think they saw him coming.

To bring it all full circle, there's this one hotel chain I really like. If I'm staying there, I will even put my face in the pillows. For me, good bed = not disgusting, I guess. Not 100% logical, but it's all I've got.

Yesterday, BD ordered us one of those beds.

He's selling his motorcycle to get me relief for my long-aching back. (Wouldn't it be a shame if I had just sold my back to get him a new helmet or something?)

Lemme tell you. This is better than any Christmas, birthday, anniversary...whatever kind of gift you can think of. Better than Disney even. The most romantic gesture I can imagine.

I am so glad I have a Blackberry now because I am never leaving that bed. EVAH.

4-6 weeks 'til total bliss.

I may even sprinkle a little glitter on it when it arrives.


jko said...

hahaha i heart my bed... everyone should!!! that really is by far the most romantic thing ever!!! (maybe we should increase our standards... but for now that ROCKS!!!!)

Wendy P said...

sold my back made me laugh out loud.

and that IS romance, btw!

sheree said...

I need to know what hotel chain you are referring to? Is it the Heavenly bed?

Lucky you!