Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm not the only one...right?!

Please tell me that other people are so hungry that while they eat a diet frozen meal, they're also scraping the ever-loving crap out of the microwaveable plate/bowl thingee so that they can be sure to get every last drop of the kinda tastes like something I could eat for real, not nearly as filling as they act like on the commercials, little meal that you could really, honestly, eat in three forkfuls, but you're trying to eat slower so you take each noodle, one by one, and stick your fork through the hole in the penne and try to make a game of it all because WHEE eating small portions is FUN and, wait, is there still cheese left on the peel-back-to-vent plastic cover because I need that cheese, you know, because it's healthy, and I hope no one's looking because I'm totally gonna lick this microwaveable plate/bowl thingee because I'm all about not wasting food because that would be wrong, really wrong, but I guess I could get a spoon or I could make a spoon out of a piece of paper from the printer, I mean, it's only paper and paper's clean, right, I mean at least it looks clean - I'm sure I've eaten off of worse.

Damn, I'm hungry.


Lacia said...

Awww...well, you know, you should just scrap those diet microwave dinner things, and eat a good meal that's healthier for you. I don't know what your cooking skills are like, but I think you mentioned DH was a cook? Get him to make you something good.

datri said...

LOL, yeah, I did Nutrisystem for a few months, and I was licking every bit of edible stuff off the packaging!