Friday, October 9, 2009

The Post Where I Sound Like a Total Fangirl

If you have a desire to start signing with your kid or simply want to add to your collection at a great discount, check this out.

Signing Time totally gets the Playette stamp of approval.

Actually, BD and I love her too because Playette loves her so much and we can get a break every now and then while she stares, completely infatuated, at the TV screen. She even turns to look at us from time to time like, "Are you guys seeing this?! Isn't is FANTASTIC?!"

Almost every sign we know is due to seeing it on ST. Playette can communicate with us through ASL and it's amazing.

Happily Birthday and Thank You, Rachel!

Oh! And if you're in the DC area? (Like I wish we still were right about now) There's going to be a Signing Time show at the DSANV Buddy Walk next Saturday. [/jellus]

Edited to add:

If you've never seen or heard of ST, and you're all, "Wha? Who?" then here's a preview:


Anna said...

Ive got the ST videos on my "to get" list. Thank you for reccomending it.

ds.mama said...

Thanks for the post... I went over and grabbed a couple videos... great prices today!

AZ Chapman said...

ccool wish R could come to our buddy walk