Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1, Part Deux

It's that time again. Time to break out the yellow and blue rubber bracelet and participate in the Buddy Walk.

Yup, it's Ds Awareness Month.

And with that comes the 31 for 21 blog-everyday-of-the-month-in-support-of-Ds-awareness challenge.

So here I am again, ready to take it on. Shocked that a year has gone by so quickly. Humbled by the things I have learned in that time. Anxious about what I could possibly write about.

31 for 21 absolutely inspired me last year. Before October 2008, I posted a whole lot less, for sure. But ever since successfully meeting the challenge of putting fingers to keys for 31 days? I've been more consistent.

Big ups to Tricia for creating and supporting this endeavor.

I thank all of you that read along and help make this whole blogging thing so much more worthwhile than it would be if I was blathering away all day with no feedback.

Speaking of feedback, wanna give me some?

Do you have any questions you've always wanted to ask? About me? About the Littlest? Ds? Kathryn Heigl? Anything? I'm ready to be transparent, so give it your best shot.

If you're shy, you can always email me directly. I think there's a link over there on the right. If there's not, I'll put it there.

Also, remember those posts last year about perspective? Did you wish you had written one? Or are you just now finding out about it and you want to blab to the world about how getting to know Playette has touched your life? Ready to dust off those writing skills and get posted? Well, lemme know! I'd be glad to reserve a day in October just for you.

I'm looking forward to a great month of living and learning.


AZ Chapman said...

cool I am thinking of going to the buddy walk and if so I would not mind being interved for the blog

Anonymous said...

I will be reading....I may even ask some questions :)! Andrea

Michelle said...

Here are a couple questions:

How long do you think you guys will be living in CA?

Do you plan on having any more children (and if that's too personal, just ignore!) seemed like I was asked that all.the.time after Kayla was born LOL