Monday, October 26, 2009

Goal Chasing

You know what's kinda sad/funny?

Amongst the people I've known in my life, there is a faction who, if asked to name the first thing they think of when they hear my name, would say that I'm a pathetic runner.

Seriously. It's part of my legacy.

When I was in college, during our Indoctrination period, I couldn't run from the grinder to the flagpole. This picture? Is taken on the ginder. That tall thing right in front of it? Is - you guessed it - the flagpole.

Six times, six!, over four years, we were required to run the PRT (though our regulations were much more lax back then, apparently). Every single time, I freaked out at least a month in advance, scared of failing, scared of coming in last. Usually, I did. No matter how much I told myself at every stop sign that "stop means go." I was awful.

So, all of that to say, running has never been my thing. In fact, it's been my anti-thing.

I've always wanted to be good at it though. It was just that thing that I couldn't conquer that was breathing down my neck, mocking me.

I tried to tell it about itself, but I never stuck to it.

This time, though, I'm making progress.

This past Saturday...I ran a 10K.

6.2 miles.

All by myself.

I kept going.

I finished.

I did my personal best.


While BD drove, I took in the scenery. Hokey or no, it's hard not to be inspired when it feels like you're soaring above the clouds.

Here I am getting ready. The iPod crapped out about 7 minutes into the race, which forced me to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings. Imagine that.

The Littlest was there to cheer me on.

At the starting line. Super. Nervous.

The newbie pats down her bib. "Won't it fall off?" she wonders.

Mile 2 coming.

Mile 2 going.

All done!

Maybe I would have gone faster if I had known there would be popsicles at the end.

FNPT is one patient woman. She's been encouraging me for many months.

Check out my blue ribbon.[/cheesy smile]


Cate said...



Amalia said...

congratulations!!! Don't you know...moms can do anything!!!!!!!!

ks_kristi said...

Congrats!!! Way to go girl, you've come along way since indoc, those ridiculous "sports bra's" you landed all of us and of course the infirmary. Your one of those "runner" people now, I am very jealous!

sheree said...

I am so impressed by you! I mean really- 10K?!! You are inspiring!

Tricia said...

YOU are the awesome!

Molly said...

you are adorable! and hardcore! I don't run. at all. hehe. so congrats!!!!!

Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are amazing... My big goal? To run one mile (yes, one single mile) without stopping. I've NEVER done that. You've inspired me to get back to trying. One day soon.

Lacia said...

Congratulations!! That is AMAZING!! I really want to enter a race too, but I'm so afraid of it. Not sure of what, but I am. There's a couple of 5K's coming up in December that I would love to do, but if you remember, I live in Canada....It can be freakin' cold here in December. The run I want to do is a 5K on New Year's day. i'm not afraid I won't be able to do it because I run about 5-6 K, 3times a week, I'm afraid it's going to be -30 degrees celcius! I won't care so much if it's snowing, I just worry about the bitter cold. My SIL is hoping I will enter a 1/2 marathon in May with her, but I'd like to get a 5K and 10K race under my belt before I tackle THAT one! I've only been running since August so I need some time! LOL.

Anyways, congrats again.

datri said...

Congratulations!! That rocks! You are an inspiration. Now, if I could only get to the gym.....

Wendy P said...

You ROCK!!!

Michelle said...

You go girl! Whoo hooo! Look at you running a 10K! you should be so proud of yourself! I'm so impressed; I hate running!