Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Laid Plans

When my aunt came to visit a couple of weeks ago, she pulled the most gorgeous cream-colored sweater from her suitcase. It was long, hit about mid-thigh, and had a hood. I loved it.

But you know it wasn't for me, right?

It was for Playette.

Since there's no way I could fit my big toe in that sweater, my goal became to get it on her as soon as possible. No problem, right? It's fall, after all. And where we live it's always pretty cool.

BD "called in football" on Saturday, so I decided that Playette and I would head out to the farm for the Harvest Festival. You remember the last time we went to the farm, right? I showed that salad who was boss.

Farm on a fall day. Perfect sweater weather.

First, the undershirt. Then a long-sleeved shirt. Next those cute little jeans with the butterflies (adjustable waists rock!). Then the sweater. The nice, heavy sweater. With a hood.

For myself, courderoys, a long-sleeved shirt, and a (not nearly as nice) sweater.

We were ret'ta go.

I made sure to grab the camera so that I could catch my little fasionista in action.

And then...

Geez. You must know by now that there's always an "And then..." with me.


For us, that's like sauna hot. Our bodies have adjusted to 60 degree summer days, so 80?!

The sweater never made it out of the car.


Here's some of what was going on at the farm:

I love the idea of a corn box. So much cleaner than sand. You just can't have kids that want to either eat it or shove it up orifices. Let me know when you find a kid like that, ok?

Playette? She was busy smashing stereotypes left and right.

"Always happy" my behind.

She hated the corn box.

This chick was hot and irritated and just generally not having a good time because of it. Note the absence of another layer of clothing.

This was what she spent most of the time doing:

Running away or...

...performing the pick-me-up cry.

I did get some cute pumpkin poses.

Aaand just to balance it out...

We didn't end up staying very long, really. She was just too miserable.

So we left. Again, I was jealous of her attire.

Here's the video that the farm posted of the event. It really was a pretty day. You know, if you were dressed for it and not dripping sweat down to your ankles.


sheree said...

aww. Well, will we get to see the sweater this weekend? I haven't checked the forecast but I guess I should...80 would be a perfect COOL day for us, haha.

Great pics!

Tricia said...

I love that last half-naked pic! In fact, I love them all. I want to eat that girl up!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of her upset. To CUTE! Your posts make me laugh. Andrea

Michelle said...

Really? You were going to let her wear the new sweater OUTSIDE?

I love the pics, she's so adorable!!