Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I've missed a day of 31-for-21 posting already.

This was not part of the plan, obviously.

I woke up this morning, realizing what I had forgotten to do yesterday and my thoughts immediately went to creating a post and backdating it to Sunday. Boo, right? So I didn't.

I did have a pretty busy weekend though. We had the Buddy Walk on Saturday morning, followed by a pretty difficult workout for me, and then back to the big city to pick up my aunt from the airport at midnight.

Yay for company though! I love having people come visit. It gives us the chance to really appreciate where we live while also giving a well-needed break to the monotony of the day-to-day. Plus, there's the having a good reason to take time off of work thing. I don't have to be back until Thursday.

Playette is loving having my aunt around too. Any time she can garner more attention is a good time for her.

Today, we drove along the coast, taking in the beautiful views. We stopped for lunch along the way before heading back to the house and cooking loads of comfort food. My aunt is a great cook and I...well, I am not, so the idea is to get some good recipes and lessons in while she's here. Since we kinda have to eat as well, it's actually a really practical endeavor.

So that's what's going on over on this end. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're heading to the aquarium to see the seahorses. That will never get old to me. Hopefully the bad storm we're expecting won't ruin our much-anticipated trip to the farmer's market tomorrow evening.

Did I just say much-anticipated trip to the farmer's market?

I did, didn't I?


I just lost some street cred.

So. Playette showed us a new sign today. Crayon. It's a two-stepper. Color + Write. Pretty impressive.[/subject change]


Wendy P said...

Your street is still completely credible to me. ;)

I hadn't seen that sign language site before. I like it better than the one I usually use. And crayon - what a great sign! Go Playette!

And, I think cooking lessons with your aunt sound lovely and cozy and perfect for a fall visit.