Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you seen her?

Tell me, have you seen her?

I can't help but want to compare this pic to the one from last year. She's losing the baby chub and becoming a big girl.

Looking at all of the pictures in all of the galleries...it makes me feel good. I know that Playette has plenty of peeps sporting 46C, but there's something about seeing more kids with 47.

I like knowing that she's not alone and that there are tons of other Littles coming up with her, all around the world, busting down doors and showing people what they're made of.

More tomorrow on what Playette is made of...


Maureen said...

Hi Chrystal. Nice to "meet" you. I decided to try out a new blog today from GET IT DOWN. Our daughters are really close in age. I can't wait to read about all the things Playette will be up to! She is such a cutie pie!! Peace, Maureen

Wendy P said...

I can't believe how grown she looks!! I'm so proud to be in the club with y'all.

Cate said...

let me guess...sugar and spice and everything nice? no?

she really has made the jump from baby to big girl. So cute!

Karly said...

She is breathtaking, then and now.