Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Baby Can Read: Day 15

Well, there's not too much to say about this yet. We've been watching the DVD every day, minus 1. For the first week, she was watching it twice a day since there was no daycare. Last week, it was just once during the week and maybe twice on the weekends. We haven't been using the flashcards as much as we should, for sure. We need to step that up.

Sure, it's driving me nuts to have to hear it over and over and over again, but not as much as I thought it would. How's that for a positive spin?

It all feels a little Clockwork Orange-y to me. Well, at at least a more timid version from a scene in Lost.

"The Eensy Weeny Spider" though? Hm. Could they not get the rights to the words "itsy" and "bitsy"?

All that to say, no reading yet. She is doing something she didn't do before though. Two of the introductory phrases are "arms up" and "arms down." She does that now, so yay! Maybe she was ready, maybe it was the DVD. All I know is that I never taught her that.

To those that requested an update, thank you. I kept meaning to type something up about this topic and then when I came to post I couldn't remember what it was!


Jen said...

So far, so good, right?

("Eensy Weensy" gets on my last everloving nerve. Those two words, not the song itself. Oh my.)

Deanna Sommars said...

You are my blog idol! I wish one day to find the energy and aplomb to blog like you!
It was great to see you in the group tonite. Your little Playette is getting so big and smart. Besides her absolute adorableness I love her strong will!
You are a great mom!