Saturday, January 24, 2009

That Running Thing

So I did 1.5 miles with the Friendly Neighborhood PT. I made it. She said we can do it again next week which means that I will most likely spend the next 6 days freaking out about it. For those that know me, you totally know I'm not kidding. I see you nodding your head, Cristina (affectionately known in our house as CRG, Crazy Running Girl - yes, we like acronyms).

FNPT did guess that I was 35 lbs lighter than I really am though, so I think I'll keep her.

Wait. That was probably one of her "run whisperer" tricks, huh? Tell me that I look like I'm already at my freakin' goal weight to inspire me? I'm so on to her.

Gotta go. Playette just lit up the room...and not in a festive holiday-type way. More like an "I can't breathe! Gah! What is that?" kinda way.


sheree said...

go you! Where can I get a running partner that thinks I weigh 20 pounds less than I do?! That sounds fantastic :)

sheree said...
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