Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Day Jitters

Actually, I feel more like I'm about to hurl.

I just dropped Playette off for her first day in the "Pre-Toddler" room at daycare. It's been a long time coming. First, I delayed the move because of her limited mobility. Then, the daycare did because they were planning to open a spanking new room. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Until today.

I just left my baby in utter chaos and with a woman, her new primary caregiver, who refuses to call her anything but "Maya" for some reason.

Yes, I keep correcting her.

And, yes, it makes me more and more angry each time.

This last time? Her response was, "Well, that's an unusual name."

Me: "We like it. Now move out of my way so I can take my baby home with me and remove her from this chaotic environment and away from your psycho a$$."

Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.
Think good thoughts.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ahhhh craziness. Praying hard her first day goes well... for both of you!

Jen said...

"That's an unusual name?" Uh, not really, lady. And even if it is, that's no excuse to mispronounce it time and time again. It's called respect, you know?

She sounds like a complete fool. Hopefully she'll get over it. I'm sure things are going swimmingly, right?

Dian said...

Great news... persistence paid off. It will def be great. I'm still struggling to have them move Stormie to the 2yo class.

Michelle said...

An unusual name? Um, no. It's a beautiful name!

Hang in there!

Peaches323 said...

Breathe!!! Chaos is a part of growing up. Malea will be fine. Just imagine how organized this will feel when you drop her off for her first day of Kindergarten.

Peaches323 said...

And where does this lady live under a rock? Has she heard of Malia OBAMA??

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh boy - I hope that it went well for her. I remember going through a somewhat similar situation with my son.

Lisa L said...

What a moron - so her philosophy is to substitute one random M name for another? I hadn't heard the name before Playette was born, but it's not that hard to guess how to pronounce, and as Peaches said, after the recent political season, who could have not heard the name?!?

Anonymous said...

i wonder what she would say about malea's soul sister #1 - talia...and what would she call her :)...

i picked up cj the other day there were 2 new after school teacher; the room was a hot mes - toys and books everywhere, those 5 kids sounded like fans in a stadium and 3 kids were fighting in the back with the teacher commenting to tthe wrong child about his behavior...

my own son was putting toys behind bookshelves and would run around cracking up - for what appearerd to be no reason...chaos is all realtive :)

sheree said...

ahhh! I hate that anxious feeling! Hope it endede up going well and that dang teacher learns her name!