Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching Up, etc.

I know I've been quiet the last couple of days. Not too, too much going on here. Work is the same (ugh) and I did get more than a little irritated while simply making the appointment for Playette's IFSP (foreshadowing much? - it'll be the first week of March), but really? Nothing too Earth-shattering.

Tonight will be a quiet one. BD made a fire already and he'll settle in to watch BSG while Playette and I...well, don't.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to meet up with our friendly family PT (Playette and I both go to her now) to go "run." I tried to tell her that my body doesn't do that, but apparently she's up for a challenge? I don't know...I think that other people think I must really be exaggerating at my lack of physical ability in that area, but I usually set them straight after about 2.7 seconds. It's horrible. Really, it is. So I told her that I'd meet up with her, if only to set her straight. Plus, you never know. Maybe she is some super run whisperer or something and then I end up wanting to do marathons or something crazy like that. I don't even like to drive 26.2 miles, so yeah. We'll see.

Miss J is coming tomorrow night. We'll probably go to the movies.

On Sunday, maybe we'll finish teaching Playette how to walk. And then go grocery shopping.


For your weekend reading pleasure:

The Girl with Stars in her Eyes - An article about a girl with Ds and her family who live in Denver. What a great place for services, it seems! Can we get a place like that without all the snow, please? Thankyouverymuch.


His Best Role Yet - A recent interview with John C. McGinley, an actor best known from Scrubs who has a son, Max, with Ds.


A friend told me yesterday that she saw a family receive a postnatal dx of Ds on one of those reality birthing shows, but she couldn't remember which channel or show. We did some research and it was most likely Birth Day on Discovery Health.

I used to watch those types of shows allll the time before Playette was born, but afterward, I felt cheated somehow. And bitter. Because I never, in all those years of watching, saw a baby with Ds. I used to want so badly to be on A Baby Story one day. I remember being jealous when the aforementioned friend gave birth 8 years ago at a hospital where they were filming Birth Day.

Anyway, so I guess it does happen after all. Or at least it does now. I can't imagine what it's like to catch that all on film. Looking back, I think it might have been great and accurate and realistic if we would have been filmed during the first year of Playette's life. I wouldn't have thought so at the time, but looking would have been real, y'know? It was what it was. I went through all the stages of grief. It wasn't until I started this blog that I feel I reached Acceptance. And some days? I even wonder about that.

Hey, it's a journey.

Back to the show. I check and checked and I don't see it listed to come back on any time soon. When it does show up in the listings though, I'll be sure and post it here in case anyone's interested. If you happen to see it listed before I do, please let me know. The episode is called "Unexpected Outcomes."

There's another show, that I just missed seeing this week, called Deliver Me: Home Edition. In the "Waiting and Wondering" episode, they are supposed to show a family dealing with a prenatal dx.

Interesting stuff, I think. I'm really looking forward to catching these, though I'm sure that the Birth Day episode may be harder to watch than I'm realizing at this moment. I heard it's very raw. Shoot, I was in tears reading Lisa's blog!

I hope the Birth Day family knows that we welcome them into our community with open arms.


sheree said...

not sure if it was the same episode or not because the one I saw was a few months back (and it was probably a rerun) but anyway, it was "Birth Day," and it didn't go into Ds really at all. That show is more about the labor and delivery part of it all and then at the end it gives a little update on all of the families in text. On this particular families update it said something along the lines of, "One day after Baby X's birth, doctor's diagnosed him with Ds...the X family was shocked but are taking it one day at a time..."

and it pissed me off because I was all "WHA?!!...and then what?!"

so yeah.