Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We're leaving shortly to take Playette to get a non-sedated EEG.

There's this thing she does that has always bothered me. She stiffens for a couple of seconds. I used to think it was because she was excited. Or sleepy. And then I realized that it may actually be totally random. And then I started worrying about seizures. Doctors would tell me that it was just her neurological system getting the kinks out because she was a baby and was new and all that.

But, nah. Not enough data for me.

So I've been fighting for a long time now to get her an appointment with a Neurologist so that I can either be put at ease or they can develop a plan of action.

We still don't have the appointment, but we did get an EEG out of the effort. Once the results are reviewed, the Ped will see if we need to take the next step.

Why they are being stingy with this appointment is particular, I have no idea.

So, the way it works with the non-sedated EEG is that you are supposed to deprive the parents child of sleep. Playette could only sleep between midnight and 5 am last night. The hospital where we're getting this done is 30 minutes away so we both have to go in order to be sure that she doesn't fall asleep in the car. The idea is that she's super tired by 8:30 so that they can get the electrodes on and get an accurate reading.

Screw the dentist, I'm really not looking forward to this.

More later...


Michelle said...

I hope it went well - we've had to do those with Karly. Not fun, being that sleep-deprived.

sheree said...

I hope it went well...I will be anxiously waiting for an update ;)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I hope it all went well. Delphine did something similar and we had to do the same thing. All turned out well in the end though and I hope the same for you.

datri said...

Ahhhhh, been there, done that. No fun. Especially the part where I forgot that I get terribly carsick in the backseat and threw up the entire TWO HOUR drive to the hospital. In my father in-law's BRAND NEW car.