Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy BD, BD!

Today is BD's birthday. I mentioned earlier that we went out on Saturday night for a group dinner, but I still wanted to do something on the actual day too.

I knew he wouldn't remember, but over a year ago, he came home from work and was all, "I had the BEST cheesecake ever today. This lady blah blah blah. I got her card blah blah blah." I nodded, probably mad that he didn't bring me any, and made a mental note.

What's interesting about that exchange is that he doesn't really like sweets. Weird, I know. So for him to go on and on about some cheesecake that he couldn't be bothered to share really told me that it must be something special.

Honestly, I had to practically bribe him to eat some of our wedding cake.

Even though we've moved, I have kept up with that little business card. "One day," I'd think.

So a couple of weeks ago I went looking for it and then took it to work so I could check out the website. OMG. I was drooling. Even if you don't live in my area, look here. C'mon. Everybody's doing it. It'll make you feel good good good.

Or maybe you won't feel good cause she's not where you are? Oops. I promise, though, if you come visit? Cheesecake's on me.

Anyway, I ordered two dozen Mini Tease Bites in Turtle, Teresa's Dreamation (Reece's!), Plain, and Plain with strawberries, with the plan to surprise BD during the day in the place where he and his classmates study.

It all went off without a hitch until...


And then, get this, he leans over and tells me, "I knew the whole time. I knew you were doing this. I saw it on your calendar."

WHA?! He got me for about 5 seconds, but no way. No way at all he knew. I called his bluff and he confessed.

The precious little babies.

Little cuties. (They did not last long. *sniff*)

Yes, I make my husband pose with snacks.


sheree said...

gah! I am sitting here starving myself in the attempt to lose weight and then I see these tastey little delights. drool.

Loving the hair! Super cute!

Happy BD,BD!

Michelle said...

Cheescake ... mmmmmmm! YUM!!

Happy Birthday, BD!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday BD!!!!!

Those cheesecakes look amazing! As soon as she IS shipping those suckers, you let me know :)

Tricia said...

you guys are so stinkin cute!