Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cabo: Part II

Good grief! Four days already without a post?! Where does the time go?

When you’ve got folks waiting on a “To Be Continued” that’s just not polite, y’know?

So, without further ado, here’s Part II of the vacation recap:

Day 1: We arrived at the hotel later in the evening and got settled in the room before taking a walk down to the pool. Ahhhh, que linda! There was a snack bar in that area, so we grabbed a table and a plate and ocean-watched a little. Not long after, we started to think that some actual dinner was a good idea and headed to the dining room. After a long day of travel, we turned in early.

Day 2: We woke up a little refreshed (biggest, and almost only, complaint of the trip for me: the beds - really uncomfortable) and headed to breakfast in the dining room. This would be our latest start of the trip. There weren’t many people there and we naively were excited to get a great table by the window. Later we found out that there were so few folks because the place to eat breakfast was down by the pool with the ocean view. Noted.

Since there wasn’t much room around the pool and I was drawn to the ocean, we headed to the beach. All of the chairs were taken, but we didn’t care. We laid out our towels and relaxed. Playette ate sand, I read. Then, BD took her for a walk to the water’s edge and I rested, grateful for a few quiet moments. When they returned, I went to check out the water. It was cold when I put my feet in, but after a few minutes it started to feel good to me. There were other people swimming in the small lagoon and I decided to join them. It took about 10 minutes to build up the courage due to the temperature. Once I did it though…I was happy. It was very refreshing.

Day 3: We took the bus into Cabo San Lucas, proper. It was a fun ride with locals, tourists, and long-term vacationers. It was a great opportunity to learn a lot. Because we were so busy chatting, we didn’t check out where we were going. That would bite us in the butt later.

Once off the bus, we started walking. It was HOT! There was a mall and there were vendors everywhere. We decided to take a water taxi to the arch which turned out to be a really good idea. We got a mini-tour and got to feel the breeze. We were dropped off at the beach, with the plan of having lunch at a recommended restaurant. The heat was getting to us though, so we plopped ourselves in some lounge chairs (minimum to sit: $20 per person) and ordered a couple of drinks (2-for-1). The vendors came by, oh, about every 30 seconds, working hard to sell us our names on pieces of rice, blankets, plates, tattoos, massages, etc. BD speaks no Spanish. I mean, NO SPANISH, and even he was all, “No, gracias.”

Trust me, this was huge.

Because I’m “brilliant” and poo-poo’d my husband’s suggestion, we had no bathing suits. The water was calling me though, so I stripped Playette down to the diaper, decided that my sports bra looked enough like a bathing suit top, took off my shirt, and rolled up my pant legs. After all that, Playette was not quite as patient with cold water as I had been the day before, so we went back to the lounge chairs.

More sitting, reading, sleeping, eating, and drinking.

We fed Playette guacamole for lunch, which she loved. We totally felt like POY (Parents of the Year).

BD wanted to buy some rum and we had learned that a place called La Europa was the spot for that. Apparently? Right next to WalMart. Really? WalMart in Cabo? Ok then.

Somehow, we had succeeded in spending $40 on the beach, so we packed up and started walking. To WalMart. That we had never seen because we were too busy chatting on the bus to be bothered to look around.

So we walked. And we walked. And we walked. Until we noticed that WalMart was not reachable by foot. We could see it. But we couldn’t get there.

Hm. Now what? Hey, what about those little buses over there?

Next: run across the street, cross the construction zone, cross another street and wait. The bus pulls up to the side of the road (Bus stop? Who needs a bus stop?) a few minutes later. This bus was NOT like the last one we rode. It was small and had seats that lined the sides. And it was decorated. I gave the driver a dollar and he seemed satisfied. After all, we could see the shopping center.

We did our shopping at La Europa, marveling at the Americanization of it all. When it came time to catch a cab back, we were once again confronted with the taxi mafia. The price was outrageous, but we made it back to the hotel safe and sound.

Dinner that night was at one of the hotel’s two restaurants. Eh.

Stay tuned for Part III. My typing fingers are tired.

Also, in case you’re tired of waiting, here are the photos.


Dwight said...

You forgot to mention that the beach at the arch was covered with water. It comes and goes with the tide.