Thursday, January 29, 2009

The results are in!

According to the nurse, she's "normal."

(How that happened with us as parents, I'll never know.)

(Ba dum dum, ching)

But, seriously, the report said that she had a normal sleep/awake blah blah blah. The nurse was rushing off the phone (what's UP with that?!) and kept saying it all fast each time I asked her to repeat herself. They can't fax the report itself, but we can pick it up the next time we're there.

I'll take that with a side of *exhale* thankyouverymuch.


My name is Sarah said...

Good news.

Mindy said...

Yay for normal, Leah!!! I think the rest of us need to be checked now to see if we're "normal"?!

Mindy again said...

oops, sorry I added the extra h on her name.... correction-> Lea

AZ Chapman said...

soo good glad she is alright . Did u do it at Standford Childeren's hospital. I went there when i was little. what are u doing on sunday for football?

Ann said...

What a relief! Always nice when you can scratch something off the Mommy Worries List.

sheree said...

well shoot...sorry you had to go through all of that sleepy stuff but HOORAY that she is just fine!