Friday, January 16, 2009

Adventures in Daycare: Part II

Not long after I posted yesterday, I received an email from the center director. Do you think she reads my blog? Hee! That would be great, wouldn't it?

Her words are in italics.

9:31 AM

I understand that the drop off this morning was a little overwhelming. We discussed the challenges and have made the decision to have each pre-tod room open in their own classroom for a couple of weeks to give the children a chance to settle in. I watched the monitor for about 30 minutes this morning after I came in and she is happy and exploring the room. Breakfast was very smooth – she is fascinated with the cart that the food comes in on – had to check it out several times.

If there is anything you want to discuss, just let me know. I have her classroom up on the monitor now and she is busy on the floor playing with the puzzles.

9:51 AM

Thank you, [Director]. It is reassuring to know that [Playette] seems to be adjusting well. I’m sure that she’ll be very excited to play in the water today, get outside, and maybe even venture to climb the steps. Those are all activities that she enjoys.

The monitors sound like they are earning their keep! It’s nice to receive an email letting me know what my child is doing right at that moment. I know it can’t be done all the time, but today it’s made a difference for the better for me.

Please let [That Dingbat Lady] know that it upsets me greatly that she continues to call [Playette] by the wrong name. I know it’s a relatively small thing, but it does matter to me. I have corrected her several times since yesterday afternoon.

Thanks again.

9:52 AM

I will absolutely make sure she corrects herself. I do realize how upsetting that is to you - it would upset me as a parent as well. Thank you for being so patient with us.


Today's drop-off went well. She'll only be there for a few hours since there was a Ped appointment this morning and she has Aqua Therapy this afternoon. I received word from another parent that when she dropped her child off late yesterday morning that Playette was enjoying herself. So that's good.


I'll give it some time. I promise.


Jessica said...

Hang in there! I only know you from cyber-space, so I'm guessing at the pronunciation of Malea's name, but don't we have a President Elect who happens to have a daughter named Malia (spelled differently ok, but still). What rock has this lady been hiding under?

sheree said...


Well it sounds like they are trying to make up for their chaos yesterday. Hopefully it will just keep getting better and better!

AZ Chapman said...

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AZ Chapman said...

sorry for the bad spelling

Lisa said...

Well, it sounds promising. I understand how unsettling it must have been the other day. Can't wait to hear how this plays out . . .

I'm sorry we missed each other over the weekend Chrystal. I really do hope we have an opportunity to meet one day.

Mindy said...

Ok, so how did a new fresh week pan out this week?