Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday: "Who's that?"

That title right there is a quote. BD said it when he saw this photo:

That's me!

He didn't realize how much Playette favors me. I don't think anyone really does because I don't look like I did when I was a baby. Actually, I never look the same. People usually recognize me by the company I keep and not by my face.

I think that's my Christening gown peeking through, so my deduction is that I was about three months old or so. I still have that gown, by the way. I meant to at least put Playette in it to take photos, but I never did so before she outgrew it.

I tried to find a photo that shows just how much we look alike as babies so that you can compare. Here are a couple of options I ran across that show Playette at about the same age:

This is a good one, but it's a side view.

Different day, from the front.

I think this is so cool. Genetics are just amazing.

For all that think everyone with Ds "looks alike"? Take heed. It's not true. People with Ds have an extra chromosome, but their genetic material comes from their parents. Playette looks like her family. She is an individual, uniquely and wonderfully made.[/soapbox]

Cancel your calls to Maury. I am the mama.


Lisa said...

Chrystal, Malea is just a lovely little girl. And every time I see a pic of her, I seriously see both you and your dh in her sweet little face :)

Michelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I thought that WAS Playette in the first pic!

I love how much Ruby looks like Braden & Karly when they were babies, too. People are always surprised, but it makes sense that kids with DS look like their parents...

Mindy said...

Wow, she SO much looks like you! I have to be honest & always thought she looked like BD> at least her smile, they have that same smile! The rest of her is all you though :)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Wow you two really do look alike!

Delphine looks so much like her brother - it's always so awesome to me.

Tricia said...

I DEFINITELY thought that first pic was Malea!!! (We have the same Boppy!)

sheree said...

oh my gosh...look at you two! You DO look so much alike! Love it :)

SHANNON V said...

that's amazing, because when John and I saw the first picture, we thought it was lil Playette... wow @ the likeness... Chrys, she is such a doll baby, I just want to hug her!

Michelle said...

I thought that first pic was Playette too! Wow she does look like you when you were a baby!