Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wing Night

If you've read here for more than 3.5 minutes, you'll know that we live in a remote (to me, at least) area and that there are certain things that you just can't get that I want.

One of those things in wings. Or wangs if you pronounce the word like you mean it.

One friend, let's call her Bandit C, got wind of a wang joint in the neighboring city, about a 30 minute drive away.

So, we loaded up the truck and headed to town.

Yes, I know it sounds like a scene straight out of Little House on the Prairie. But instead of supplies from Mankato, we made the trek for fried things and veggies to dip in creamy sauces, french fries that were both sweet and salty, and troughs full of soda. Laura, the rest of the Ingalls, and Nellie Olsen would be proud.

Anyway, big discovery? Playette loves wangs.

"I love you and all, Mama, but this here is my wang."

Double fisting and banging them together in delight. That's my girl!

There was ample adult supervision of the wang fest. Please don't call "the people" on us.


Peaches323 said...

She makes those wangs look good. The next time we see each other, Maleas and Dante' can have a wang eating contest because he too loves the chicken wing.

And I love the ponytails by the way!

Michelle said...

Hey I just have a minute to let you know you won the HP Photo Gift cards! the only other person who said she would like the cards ended up winning the Lango CD (her # was drawn first) so I'll send you all 6 photo cards for 60 free prints! :) Just send me your address!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow did she eat all those wangs herself? Go go girl!!!

sheree said...

you really should come visit us. We have WANG joints galore. :)

Michelle said...

I forgot to mention how cute Playette is in these pictures enjoying her wangs!

Babalu said...

Love the photos and your comments (even though I know you were just quoting Malea) were hysterical! You should give up your day job and write.