Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forgive me, Pumpcat?

Really, I'm sorry.

Truly, madly, deeply sorry.

It's not that I've forgotten about you. It's just, you know, I've been busy.

Busy how? Sigh. You're really going to make this difficult for me, aren't you?

I know, I know. I deserve it.

Well, I was traveling all over the country, and then I was sick, sick, and sick again. On top of that, there was work and home life.

Yes, I know I had time to drag all of those boxes out of the office closet. But, but, you see I didn't even unpack them yet. That should count for something.

Oh, now you're just being silly. She couldn't be a Pumpcat again this year.

Why? Well, because babies grow a lot in a year! You wouldn't have fit.

Yes, she did go trick-or-treating.

She was a Peapod. A very adorable Peapod.

Now do you forgive me? Have I grovelled sufficiently?


So I can show the pictures now?

Thank you, Pumpcat.