Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anatomy of a Cell Phone Photo

1. Obligatory ER waiting room background

2. Pout to symbolize pain

3. Bandana on head - Because pain or no pain, I still needed to avoid getting my hair all messed up. Coordinating color not required. It's all about priorities, people. Priorities.

4. Zip up jacket in lieu of shirt - for easy access to arms for blood pressure and possible blood draws, but no IVs (which, by the way, BD asked the nurse to give me one just for fun)

5. BlackBerry in hand - duh


sheree said...

your E.R. is way nicer than mine. I'm jealous.

Lisa said...

You didn't have to go to the ER again did you? Oh Chrystal . . .

Shawndi84 said...

Yay! I'm glad you made a book! You'll love it, they are so cool!

Yes, the services for A'Reian will change. She is getting evaluated this month to see what her strengths and weaknesses are. In December she will go to public school. I am so excited she will get speech therapy, occupational therapy AND make friends:)
My cousin is going to be her teacher, so all of my worries about who will help her go potty are gone! I was really worried about that for some reason! There are so many weird people out there! Especially in this town... :(