Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, now what?

We have a very strange house. I love it, but it's so not built with a little one in mind. We have odd angles and metal and lots of the point that it's hard to mount much of anything. It's just plain difficult to find a gate (no, many gates!) to provide the safety we need. I'm realizing that more and more every day.

Here's what we have so far:

Any ideas on flexible gates? Or should we just get one of these:
I'm kidding. A little.

What? It's not like it doesn't happen. Google "baby in dog crate" and see for yourself.

Seriously though, I need help. Any suggestions?


My name is Sarah said...

LOL - My mom wanted a dog cage for my little brother Matt - he was a wild one. How about a play yard but use it indoors?

Michelle said...

Now what? Good luck, that's what!

What about one of those baby cages - not a dog cage, but the kind you can add in sides & they stand alone? Then at least she'd have one really safe area to play.

Then again, I wouldn't want all that gate taking up my house...

ks_kristi said...

You crack me up! Me, I am all about the kennels but hey my "kids" have four legs and are covered in hair so what do I know.

How about BD dust off his tool belt and build you a padded rubber jungle gym room complete with plastic ball pit to jump in. That would be SO cool!

I'm at a loss for a real solution, go Malea!

Lisa L said...

Not that it's really applicable, but I have that crate for puppy (extra-large size) and he's quite happy with it. He is, however, not in possession of opposable thumbs, which may come in handy in breaking out of said crate (which I'm guessing Playette could figure out rather quickly). Oh, and then there's the whole thing with CAS being called on people who do that to human babies...

jennifergg said...

There's an old Doris Day movie called "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and in it, there's a crate/cage thingy for the youngest boy. When Tom and I first watched the show, we thought, GADS! How times have changed!

Then, about a zillion years later, we kinda/sorta wished we had that cage-crib, some days...