Monday, November 3, 2008

Take a Break?

Eh, I guess not. It's really hard to do. Blogging is definitely a new addiction and after doing it for 31 days straight, it just would feel odd not to say something.

Too bad I don't have that same level of dedication for working out anymore.

I went and had a CT scan this morning. Painless. Short. No bigee. What I am a little nervous about is what it's in preparation for...I have a Brochoscopy scheduled for Friday morning. Supposedly it won't be much of an issue, but, well, I have in my head that they're removing some lung tissue and - ick. That just doesn't sound good to me, no matter how you slice (heh) it.

At least my doctor's name is Heal. That helps ease my anxiety some.

Today was my first full day back in the office in weeks. And it was crappy. I don't even know what to say about it because I don't know who reads this anymore. I like to think it's no one, but how bad would I screw myself even further if I'm wrong and I just went on a lunatic rant? Well, damn. We've got bills to pay and I don't need to take any more risks.

Wanna know where my child is while I'm sharing my thoughts?

Pardon me while I go google "How to be a Better Mother".


Michelle said...

Haha! I have pics of all my kids like that. I mean, when they were each babies, not like last week. That would be weird, wouldn't it, if all 3 were sleeping at the table now.

I don't do so well with mornings; can you tell??

Michelle said...

Oh - and I have you in my reader. So rant away, I'll be reading!

What's with the tissue removal?? Is it serious? It sounds icky.

Lisa said...

Hey Chrystal, what gives? CT scan? And the other thing . . . what's all this about hon? Did I miss something? Thinking of you.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh I used to sleep just like that. Best sleeping chair ever. Hope the momma is feeling better.

sheree said...

oh no! Hope the lung thing (cant remember the went okay. What's going on? I hope it's nothin!

I love that pic of malea. If you're a bad mom, I dont even want to know what that makes me ;)