Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crappy Day Redux

Yeah, I'm not really feeling it right now. Not the love, not the sun shining, not the birds caw-cawing. None of that.

I'm in what most people call a "bad mood." A "funk" perhaps. Everything is pissing me off or leading me to beat myself up further.

And everything I think about blogging about seems like it will hurt me in the long run in some kind of way and it's just not worth it for the little bit of empathy that I'd receive in return.

Basically, I'm angry. At a few people. For things that have happened recently and things that happened some time ago. I've let stuff slide, I've swept it under the rug, and now it's coming back to haunt me like a giant dust bunny.

With teeth.

'Cause a dust bunny that can't bite you just doesn't sound scary enough.


Please bear with me. I'll be better soon. It's all emotional. The physical stuff is just par for the course. Hopefully, I'll get some answers on the lung thing after Friday.

Maybe I should go read the posts of the 4 people that gave their perspectives and realize that it's all about quality, not quantity. I may not have a lot of supportive people in my life, but I do have a few that will stand with me through anything. That's what I need to focus on right now I think.

'Cause I could spend all day moping about what I don't have.

Ever had one of these days?


Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,
I haven't talked to you in awhile. I love reading your blog! Vivian is now 5 months and blowing lots of rasberries lately. I hope we can get together at some point again. Malea is so beautiful! Take care,
Jennifer Horner
P.S. I was having crappy day today too, that is until I found out that Obama won!!

Lisa said...

Chrystal, just wanted to send you a virtual (((hug))). Don't know if it helps, but you're in my thoughts. If you need someone to unload on, you have my email address. I'm a good listener and a good commisserator ;)

sheree said...

dude...I have those days often. I hate those days. I am sorry you're experiencing one of them :(