Monday, October 21, 2013


I try to give Playette opportunities to make good decisions. Sometimes it works, sometimes she shows me that she still needs me to stay close by.

And then there are other days that she shows me that something she can typically do on her own, all of the sudden she doesn't feel like doing. I try my hardest to chalk that up to her simply being a six-year-old child. I shouldn't take it to heart.

She'd rather play than get dressed. She'd rather use the iPad than find her shoes. She wanted to wear a coat that just isn't necessary today.

Those examples are just a glimpse into our morning.

I was frustrated, to say the least. Trying to manage all of the logistics that go into successfully getting her to school each day can be difficult. And then you add in a very demanding toddler. Things can get hectic at times.

The thing is, though, I know she's capable. I know that so many things that are going on right now are due to jealousy and seeking attention, which is typical with a relatively new sibling, especially after having us to herself for so long. 

It's just a phase, but it's taking longer to resolve than I had anticipated.

Sometimes I need a "woo-sah" moment, a chance to exhale and put it all into perspective.

So I gave myself that today. And her as well. A chance to work on building confidence...for both of us.

She walked herself to the bus, looked back to wave, and was on her way.

That felt good.