Sunday, October 20, 2013


Does anyone else follow Oprah on Instagram like I do? When she's not busy going on safari or hanging with celebs, she's harvesting her bountiful crops of fruits and vegetables. I'm so ridiculously jealous. The money I would save in avocados alone!

We have tried out hand at gardening. I guess if I'm being honest, I should say that BD does most of the actual work and I just say what I want to eventually come out of the ground. I'm also semi-helpful at pulling weeds and being a decent companion on nursery trips. 

So far, we've gotten that one big sunflower I mentioned, a ton of mint, a handful of lettuce, a dinner's worth of string beans and...

Carrots! Today we got carrots! 

Excuse me while I go invite Ms. Winfrey over for brunch. 

Think I won't?!

That reminds me, I've been posting photos more frequently lately because BD told me that he likes the way it comes up in his reader when I do. That's obviously a huge priority for me. (snort)

If you're interested in seeing pics after this month, I'd recommend following me on IG. That's usually where I post things these days. It's a private page, so try and give me a clue who you are if you're game.

My handle is the first part of my email address, as seen in the sidebar on the right. Six letters.


Debonie Thompson said...

Do you have an instragram or facebook so that I am able to contact you.