Monday, October 14, 2013


Speech. It's a biggie for me. It's such a divider amongst children, which is becoming more and more apparent to me.

Some kids don't want to play with my daughter because they can't understand her. Her receptive language skills are just fine, but she is challenged by articulation. She has so much to say, but it doesn't come out in a clear manner. It's jumbled and slurred - jargon - mixed in with a sprinkle of words that just happen to be really clear. If you know sign language, sometimes you can put together the context clues.

She gets speech services in school and we also pay for private therapy. Her struggles aren't due to lack of effort.

There are kids that don't care and they include her, which is nice. I'm very grateful for them. 

But when she gets run away from or ignored by other children or keeps trying when they don't want her just breaks my heart.

I don't know how to handle it. I can't be there all the time to act as facilitator.

One day she's going to notice and it'll break her heart, too. 


ckbrylliant said...

I am feeling you on this post. I met a lovely young man with Ds this weekend who had so much to say but even as I tried with all my tools and might I could not understand. His mom was able to help some but his dad was showing signs of frustration. What he lacked in communicating through speech he made up for on the dance floor and his adoration of the younger children. It's a tough one mama.

AZ Chapman said...

Have u gone in and educated the kids about DS and speech issues. marsmellows work well to give average kids a chance to experience what a speech impairment goes to . Sorry it has to be soo hard.