Friday, October 18, 2013

Paying It Forward

Every time I think something I feel like sharing doesn't have anything to do with Down syndrome, turns out it kind it does.

It's not like I'm thinking about the extra chromosome all the time, it's just that we've made so many connections that Ds is just kind of part of who we are now. It encompasses our friendships and our activities. Things like that. Not like a cloak, but more like a sheer overlay.

Today, I was thinking about how my children just don't seem to be getting along as often as I would like. Dez is fiercely independent as is his big sister, and they just seem to want the same things at the same time.

One thing that they share is their love of all things Signing Time.

Playette didn't experience Baby SigningTime  because we didn't know about it back then. We watched what was on PBS at the time and we ran with it. So, once Dez got to the point of being able to learn ASL, we exposed them both to the series. Playette also took it upon herself to teach her brother some very useful signs. I'm shocked by how many he knows now. It's really cool to see how excited he is with his newfound knowledge. 

Would we, as a family, know ASL, if it were not for Playette's diagnosis and, with it, a strong possibility of a speech delay? Possibly not.

Bless Rachel and her two little taped up hands.

She has given this mama the gift of Exhale.

They actually look like civilized citizens in that picture. That says a lot.


BumbersBumblings said...

Oh I love her too! My kids are both enthralled with it!