Thursday, October 31, 2013

BD's Annual Post: Family

It’s not often that I get to jump on the blog and say my piece.  Actually, this is the only time each year I jump on the blog to say my piece.  We all know this is not my thing, but every once in a while (Halloween), I get overcome by the blogger spirit.

I love that everyone has a place to learn about our experiences as they are so eloquently expressed by “The Mama”.  This blog has done great things for our family as far as connecting goes. 

While our lives are nowhere near perfect, we still love sharing some of what’s going on with the world.  We’ve connected with and met some fantastic people throughout our time on this journey.  A lot of those folks we met via blogs and the internet. 

There have been times of laughter and times of sadness.  There have been times were we were apprehensive and scared about the future and what lies ahead.  The support from people all around the world is amazing.  It makes us feel as if we always have someone who cares about us and what we are dealing with.  There are people out there going through the same struggles, be it ridiculous amounts of medical appointments, school drama, or just a crazy toddler who likes running into things.

This great Ds community, connected via the internet, has helped us stay on the path, navigate,and continue to push forward when life comes at us hard, as well as when things are going well.  We would be lost without it. 

Everyone has “actual” family and “actual” friends, and our experience and support with them is different based on the history that came well before our entrance into the Ds world.  The added support and knowing that the Ds community all around the world, families like us everywhere,  have our back makes getting out and pushing forward through the challenges of each day so much easier.

So for those that read this blog, thank you for your support.  For those who write their own blogs and share their experiences, thank you for your support.

Just know we’ve got your back too, because to us you all are family.