Sunday, October 13, 2013

Party! Party!

Today, we kept the keepin' busy trend going. We packed up the family in the car and headed right back into the big city for a fun-filled day with friends.

The first stop was the birthday party of one of our favorite nearly-five-year-olds. He asked for a bowling party and his parents made it happen, much to Playette's delight. The alley was amazingly old-school in nature. Simple in all the best ways that sometimes get overlooked in our Quicker! Faster! Better! society. I really enjoyed seeing the kids be kids. My children had a ball. 

Or in the case of Playette, she had about 100 balls...all going down the lane at once.  

When all the cake and other goodies had been consumed, and after all the prizes had been one, we said our goodbyes and ventured forth to our next destination.

I'm making it sound like we were battling dysentery in a covered wagon. Manifest Destiny! 

I've never denied having a flair for the dramatic.

A few weeks ago, at my 15 year college reunion (I know, I know - How is that possible? I'm so young!), a group of us chatted about getting together more often than every half-decade since we're all living relatively close to one another right now. 

Six adults, thirteen children, and a bushel of crabs later, it was a reality. We had a wonderful time catching up and I loved seeing everyone's children and having my kids play with their kids. It was very surreal since my classmates and I were all still kids ourselves when we first met. 

My kids were exhausted and were put right to bed when we got home. BD and I are spent. But it was all well worth it. I love when we can get out and be with people whose company we enjoy.

We probably should have just rented a room in the big city since we're going back again tomorrow for an ENT appointment for the bigger little one. 

Time to get some rest.